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I scratched my car this morning trying to manouvre out of an unfamiliar parkins spot that is very tight. I am quite angry (at myself and my real estate agent) because it is not my assigned parking spot . My parking spot always seems to be taken by other vehicles because the parking sign hasn't been changed to say that it is a private parking spot.

I sent this very polite but angry email to my property manager today in hopes of getting it fixed up. It's really pissing me off because I've been hounding them to change the sign since I moved in in January.

Hi Samantha,
Could you please find out what's happening with our parking sign?
Different cars have been parked there almost every day of the week for the past 2 weeks especially since the previous sign has been taken down but no new sign has been put up so my space has been a free for all to park and it has been very frustrating to try and manoeuvre out of the car park space and find a place to park in the area.
I would estimate that since I've moved to this apartment, I have only parked in my rightful parking spot only 60% of the time which is exceedingly appalling.
Considering that I'm paying rent which was advertised to include a car park and chasing up with Hocking Stuart to have the sign changed since January 2007,  and followed up whenever I've emailed to say I've paid rent,  I don't think it is too much to ask to have it done ASAP.  
Please keep me updated on what is being done.  
Mary Kuan May Wee
Also on behalf of John Kuan Jin Wee
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