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Why is my weekend so jam packed?!?

Going home at 4pm today (my work owes me some time) to spend some time with Dave. He's cooking me dinner! Yays! His cooking is always yum!


I've got blading in-line skating along the beach at 11am with Joel, Kim and Louis.

Then I need to go for a haircut in the city and window shop for some clothes (I can't fit into a lot of my clothes now even my belt doesn't help). I need more pants. Or a pair of knee high boots so I can wear skirts.

Then I have Chong Foo's birthday dinner on in the evening. (Oops... should shop for a gift for him too I suppose)

Then have to come back and prepare my cake and jello snacks for Sunday service in my old church - Hmmm... wonder if I can do some of the work in the afternoon before my haircut... I probably should)


Help prep for snacks at my old church

Then lunch with Jules and Cher (I assume).

Then meet up with Kim (and maybe Dave) to go check out some boots Factory Outlets.

Then dinner and games nite at Vicky's place (okay this one for sure! Yays!)

WEDNESDAY is a holiday for me because of ANZAC day! Yays! I'm planning on going rock climbing with some friends.
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