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New Job

Yes, I have moved on and am no longer a Student Advisor (although my name is still there) for the Undergraduate Studies of Law in The University of Melbourne

I am now JDII Transition Administrative Assistant for the New JD program starting next year.

Won't bore you with the details but the more important/interesting part of my job is:
  • Overseeing all aspects of the Law Schools Admissions Test (LSAT) running in The University of Melbourne which will be one of the selection criterias (yes, the same LSAT Elle Woods has to take in Legally Blonde
  • Assist with the organisation of the JD Launch and JD Information Sessions
  • Selection (i.e. selecting our cohort of students for 2008 - important leh?) which includes:
    • Track and asisst in processing international applications.
    • Assist in development of selection policy and processes for the
      2008 JD intake.
    • Organise selection-related administrative processes. 
But MAN there's a lot of work... and so much to learn. But I'm getting there. So far so good, have got good feedback from my manager.

And admonishes from her and my other colleagues for staying back so late.... *eeps* Only in Melbourne Uni you get told off for working late! hee hee.
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