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Was just talking to Dave about this word "Engaged" and what it really means... To me it feels a little bit like we're in limbo... Kinda like when you call someone on the phone and the tone goes engaged and for that split second, you think "now what"? That's what it feels to me to be still dating but with that expectation of a big change happening. I'm going "Now what"?

Logically, my brain knows that I'm meant to do the following during our one year of engagement:
Plan for wedding
Go for pre-marital counselling
Spend time with Dave

Yet, my spirit feels a little restless, like, is this all I'm meant to be doing? Isn't there something more I should be doing after all, this is a big step (getting married i mean) and I've got a year to plan for it. So..... Now what?
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