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Warning: phone rant!!

My phone line was cut off… So I just made an excruciatingly long phone call (1 Hour on work time!! ERKS! ) to Optus today and sorted everything out. Nope, I did not accidentally missed a bill and that’s why it was cut off. On the system, it says it was cut off for “unknown reasons” AND they put me on the wrong plan anyway which would have charged me $50 per month just for line rental! (usually around $20) Something the guy I spoke to from relocations (when I moved in Feb) stuffed up. So today’s guy, Cain, sorted everything out for me… And I don’t have to pay anything – neither a fine nor reconnection fee (It was THAT messed up, they had to reconnect the whole thing again) AND he’s gonna talk to relocations so we don’t have to start the 24 month plan from scratch again. Yays…


BUT IT TOOK ONE HOUR BECAUSE OF THEIR VOICE SYSTEM!!! So, Optus (provider I’m with) started this voice word recognitioning device that they insist on their customers. The thing is, NO ONE likes using it. It doesn’t like listening to my voice apparently. Even simple answers like “Yes” and “NO” is rejected what more trying to change my address online!! Don’t understand why the customer service op can’t just put all the info in for me!! GAAAAAAAAAAH!! No wonder it takes bloody forever for any of the operators to pick up ANY calls... AND the PATRONISING VOICE THEY USE:

"I'm sorry, I did not get an answer" (After screaming YES! down the receiver at work - my work colleagues thinks I'm crazy... ) "Please either say 'Yes' or 'No'" (BUT THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN BLOODY SAYING ALL ALONG!!)

The operator who had to put me through all that found it amusing because he has to go through the same thing too. But he was very nice which is a good thing otherwise I would have gone ballistic!
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