Mary (friskylamb) wrote,

To get or not to get?

Considering how bad I am at making decisions on things that costs me more than 100 dollars, my first reaction is always to delay making any decision (thus I will never be an early adopter of anything).

I have 99% decided to get a Nintendo DS for my hour long trip to work (another hour back) each day when i stay in Geelong next year and have decided to get a PDA phone. After much deliberation, I thought the iPhone will be the one to go... but after checking out the crappy plans they offer with the phone (and there's no way I can justify buying it outright), I'm 90% sure that the Nokia E71 will be a better option since my main concerns are:
  • fitting in a DS and phone and PDA into my bag/s - my life will be less complicated if I can combine the PDA+phone
  • I'm not big on downloading things and pics and music - so a good organiser is more important to me
  • As a non risk taker, I would go with the option that gives me the least risk - and the Nokia E71 poses the least risk according to reviews online (still are mixed reviews for the iPhone.
How? How? Any better I should consider?
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